Crystal Russell of Lovers Are Square received an associate degree in Fashion Merchandising and also studied business at Mesa College in San Diego. Before graduating Crystal started an internship at Nordstrom for the Retail Management Program. After completing the program, Crystal graduated with her degree and continued to work as a Sales Associate in the Dress, Studio 121, Savvy and Topshop departments where she was recognized with the highest amount of customer compliment letters until she was promoted to Assistant Manager of Women's Core which included Via C, Individualist, Studio 121, Petites and Point of View.  All departments covered many different brands and age groups. After a long time seeking the opportunity to be in the Visual department the opportunity finally arose for a seasonal position as a Holiday Extra in Visual. She took the leap of faith and took the temporary position since this is what she had longed to do from the beginning. After the temporary position ended, Crystal was hired as Interim Men's and Kid's visual stylist. A position became available and Crystal was then hired for a full time Men's, trend, juniors and kid's visual stylist. 

 Crystal has been growing Lovers Are Square since March 2014 where she provides fashion styling, art direction and production for print,  catalog, web, commercial and events. 

 Crystal is a people person. She is passionate, outgoing and creates an aura of fun and positivity around her. She is able to see the big picture and detail oriented and is able to commit and complete projects in a timely matter.  She is able to understand a businesses and style flex to their specific needs. She's also able to enhance or maintain a brand and build content. Not only is she fashion savvy but business savvy.

 She digs deep when committing to projects and studies various sources for knowledge and inspiration. Her natural talent and originality allow her to portray many different styles of fashion that create strong fashion and art statements.She loves to evoke emotion and tell stories in her editorial work. She gains inspiration from events/times in history as well as through nature, art and music. Crystal's eclectic and a chameleon in her personal fashion. She loves to be outside, explore and collect rocks. She is an avid lover of color, detail, vintage and out of the ordinary clothing and things.